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It's taken me a while to do this because Obe's decline was so fast. I expected Moki to go long before she did, but I thought to have many more years with Niobe.

In the fall of 2001 my friend Jason bought a rabbit. It was a very excitable rabbit and about a week after he got it, it died of a heart attack. His roommate Kirby and I accompanied him to the Friendly, NC pet shop to get another. While he looked at bunnies, Kirby and I were headed to the aquarium area to look for an addition to Kirb's fishtank. On the way, we passed the cats. As I walked past one, a beautiful and sad looking torti, she put her paw up against the glass and gave me a miserable look. At the time I lived in a dorm and pets were not allowed, but Jay and Kirby lived in a house. As I was moving off campus in December, I was tempted to take the cat home. When we left with Jay's bunny, Kirby and Jason both agreed that if their third roommate, Wil, agreed, I could keep her at their house for a few months. He did, and we went back the next day.

When they handed her to me, she immediately clawed the hell out of my arm and ran and hid under a shelf of dogfood. It was a production getting her out and into a carrying box, and she moaned the whole way back to campus. We spent the night on the floor in the boys' spare room. Obe wouldn't come near me unless she thought I was asleep. She spent most of the day hiding behind the refrigerator, and didn't come out until late that night when she sniffed my shoes, and then my feet. This was the first evidence of her fondness for stuff that smells bad. She eventually decided that maybe I was okay.
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I named her Niobe after a book character I liked, and the boys started calling her Obi Wan. Her full name became Niobe "Obe Wan Kenobi, Secret Agent Kitty 001" when she started darting around like a (bad) spy trying to hide from us.

We soon moved into a house off campus with three other girls, two of whom also had cats. Despite the fact that Obe was tolerant of these other cats then, as she got older and more ornery she refused to allow any other cats around to possibly steal food or affection. She spent most of her time in our room or climbing on top of the partition between the kitchen and the living/dining room.
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After a couple months there, I realized I hated school and I wasn't doing very well in it, so Obe and I came home to my parents' house. She learned to grudgingly tolerate the dog, and Moki learned to tolerate Obe (by allowing her to be in my room only!) but though neither enjoyed the competition, they both enjoyed eating each other's food.
I found many special torments for Obe, under the heading "affection." Like wrapping her in a blanket and carrying her around. Because I"m evil.Collapse )
and forcing her to be on the webcam with meCollapse )
but I like to think she didn't mind too much, and maybe still liked me a little.Collapse )
She managed to make herself at home here, despite a dog and my parents, who both claim that she is evil.
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We lived with my brother for a while and she had to put up with Chewy, the evil ferret.
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He liked to chase her around the house. She didn't like that so much. When we moved back to Mom and Dad's, this experience did not make her any more tolerant of Moki. Alas.

We moved into the basement. Obe decided it was her tiny kingdom. She ruled with an IRON FIST!
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And occasionally let me snuggle her. She expanded her kingdom to the great outdoors, but was too much of a chicken to stay outside for long.
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In the middle of September, 2006 OBe started walking a little funny. I took her to the vet who basically declared Obe constipated. After a week on stool softeners, Obe not only didn't get better, but started hiding behind the furnace and walking with much more difficulty. Obe was diagnosed with a spinal injury, and was given steroids to help the swelling go down so she could hopefully heal the injury. She enjoyed a week of that.Collapse )
Since she was having trouble moving around, and she seemed to like being behind the furnace, we shrunk her kingdom to the laundry room.
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Unfortunately she did not get better, and her hind legs stopped working entirely. On October 10th, 2006 I had Obe put to sleep. She could no longer get to the litterbox, nor did she enjoy being touched anymore. She didn't even like people being in the room with her.
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Please help me not fail junior level English
I'm writing a paper about the 1996 challenge to the book A Wrinkle in Time. In NC, a parent was told by his child that she did not enjoy this book, which was assigned for an advanced reading class. He challenged it and was told his child could read something else. He chose to challenge the book's presence in the public school libraries in that county, saying that it was innapropriate for fifth graders due to references to the occult, witchcraft, and mysticism. Please help me with my paper by filling out this quick poll.

Poll #711961 A Wrinkle in Time and Age Appropriateness

Have you read A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle?


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It was okay.

Do you feel it affected your life in a significant way?


If you answered yes, was the effect positive or negative?


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This post is public so please send your friends over too. Thank you!

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Moki belonged to another family. The patriarch of said family worked with my dad in the Navy when we lived in Groton. When they went away, they left Moki with us. She was always happier with us, because we didn't yell at her for things that weren't her fault, nor did any of us put cigarettes out on her nose. We loved her and even when she stole my roast beef sandwich we didn't get very angry with her. The head of that family, the only member worth anything, had a brain tumor. He was in and out of the hospital and couldn't protect Moki. When he died his family was evicted from base housing and the only place they could find to move into was a place that did not allow dogs. The begged my mom to take her. We were busy moving at the same time. Mom said, "Put an ad in the paper. If no one takes her by the time we leave, we will." The crafty lady agreed and put an ad under "miscellaneous," hoping no one wouldsee and Moki could be with people that she knew and liked.
No one saw the ad and Moki moved to Virginia with us. She was 3 or 4 years old.
Moki, the summer we moved here.Collapse )
She was our faithful companion (especially at the dinner table) for many years. Here she is in her favorite nap spot at the base of the stairs.Collapse )
Moki loved spending time with us. She adored the attention we were willing to give, especially if that attention came in the form of tummy rubbing. She was quick to let us know if we weren't giving her enough attention by nosing her head under a hand or rolling over as soon as we came near.Christmas and Winter 2002Collapse )
Moki put up with much from us in her later years, including sharing us with an evil cat beast though she learned to shareCollapse )
and living with the mess of remodelling. She"d pick her way through the mess daintilyCollapse )
She was always waiting for us when one of us left, looking for us when we'd gone, knowing we'd always be back.Read more...Collapse )
She spent her last days sleeping to avoid the pain, but was really exceptionally healthy and happy despite the tumor. She was always heppy to see us when we came to see her in the throne room she had made of my parents' bedroom. She was queen of the house and held court upstairs, occasionally deigning to descend to the downstairs to be with the rabble.Read more...Collapse )
RIP Moki.


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